Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Raygen had her first Halloween Party at Preschool on Friday.  She had so much fun.  The costumes did not seem to phase her.  No one was dressed scary, but there were batman masks and kids with painted faces and Raygen didn't seem to mind at all.  I guess when you have made it through what she has, what's a mask, right?
Each day at school Raygen starts to interact a little more.  She continues to watch the other kids and even pats a few here and there.  When Raygen pats you it means she likes you :)  I just sit in awe watching her be a little girl.  Part of me has always been scared that my daughter wouldn't get the chance to experience preschool, friends, and even Halloween, but here she is stronger then ever.

Raygen had two costumes this year.  At preschool she was a fitness girl and on Halloween she was Minnie Mouse.  She was so cute.  I thought there was no way she would wear her costume, but she did and she loved it.  She even wore the ears.  I was so excited.  Raygen loved her costume so much she even wore it again today.
Zoie was a runner.  She said she was me for Halloween.  If you don't know running has become a huge part of my sanity routine, lol!  I have a love hate with the sport, but it is something that I crave and always feel awesome after a good run.  
I love that my daughter's have the chance to know there Great Grandpa.  We have experienced a few losses this year that have really affected our family.  For them to have a chance to love and bond with their Great Grandpa is heart warming for me.  He loves his grandchildren.  My grandpa babysat Zoie a lot when she was a baby.  I have some great pictures of the two together.  He also gives all his grandkids wonderful nick names, lol and loves to sing to them.  
I hope everyone made wonderful memories this Halloween.  I know that we did.