Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Raygen fell asleep on my lap the other night holding her Ipad.  She is so funny.  She wasn't going to share with her sister till she had to.  Thank goodness she didn't wake up when I took it from her to take her to bed.

Here is Raygen's best friend Gabby.  Her wonderful, amazing mother takes beautiful photographs.  I love this one of the girls with their "Super Women" shirts on.  Gabby is a miracle baby like Raygen.  How often can you say you have witnessed two miracles together?  Not often, but trust me these two girls are truly that.  Christina and I know that we are very blessed Mama's to have these amazing girls.

Here is our last play date.  If you can call it that since neither of them actually play with each other?  They notice each other.  Glance at each other, but no actual playing.  Just getting them to be around each other is all that matters.  Someday they will realize they are best friends. 
I love having friends so close by that knows what it is like to live the unconventional life of having a medically fragile child.  It truly is a blessing that Gabby and her Mama are in the same small town as Raygen and I.