Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Smith Rock & Mount Hood

The last day of our trip we decided to check out Smith Rock.  It was beautiful.  It was very hot outside so we didn't do any hiking, but I would have loved to.
It was defiantly worth stopping and checking out.  There was people preparing to climb the rock and you could watch them attach their ropes and get ready.
They are so much braver then I ever could be.  There is no way you could talk me into climbing the rock.  I am scared of heights.  I would walk the trail along the rock, but I'd probably be touching the rock the whole time, lol, that's a long drop. 
We also decided to see the Mount Hood Lodge.  It was very impressive to see.  There was even still snow.
Raygen loved the breeze.  I think we all loved the fresh air.  It was a long car ride home, but totally worth it.
We made memories to last a long time.  I am so lucky to have my amazing family.  It still shocks me when we are able to escape home and forget about everything and just enjoy being a "normal" family.  Raygen did amazing during our trip.  She did awesome in the car and she was just a pleasure.  Zoie also was a good kid.  She is a wonderful big sister.

Can't wait to make more memories on many more vacations to come.