Friday, June 26, 2015

Pool Time

With the weather in the low 90's in our are area the girls have been spending a lot of time in the pool at Grandma's house.
I was really surprised that Raygen didn't mind being in the intertube, but she loved kicking her feet and being pushed around the pool.
She still loves her kiddy pool.  She loves being able to throw the water out and all around without mom yelling, "No!" and "Stop that!" Unlike the bath tub at home where we don't throw water, lol!  at least I try to make sure we don't.
She has been a trooper with the heat.  Some people get crabby, but not this girl.  She is smiles all day long.

This weekend is suppose to be the hottest weather we have gotten so far so I'm thinking we will be indoors with the air conditioning or at Grandma's in the pool.  Plus we will be loading up on lots of sun screen.  Raygen is on medicine that makes her sensitive to the sun so we must be extra cautious during these hot days.