Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sleeping in a tent

Raygen has this pop up tent that she got for Christmas and she loves it.  She rolls around in it up and down the hall just laughing away. 
This is exactly what she was doing one night, but all of the sudden she stopped laughing...
First of all, being a heart mom, I jump into panic mode thinking "Why isn't she laughing?" and "I don't even hear the Ipad."  but there was no need for panic.. 
She just decided she'd take a nap in her tent :)  She played and played till she couldn't play any more.  I do think she fell asleep with the door down and with the Ipad because she didn't want to share it or be disturbed. 
Raygen also had PT this week at school.  She looks so grown up.  She loved playing with the blocks and sitting in the "Big Girl," chair. 
Raygen also walked up and down the halls checking everything out.  Even running into the little girls room to see what was in there, lol!  She is so much fun.  There isn't a day where this kid doesn't make me smile.