Friday, March 27, 2015

Hands On Museum

We were so excited to be invited to Gabby's Birthday party last Sunday at the Hands-On-Museum.  After Hours.  So all her special needs friends were able to play and enjoy themselves.
Raygen loved the lego wall.  Just in her fashion she had to dump them all out.  She also light the light table above.
Zoie climbed high into the Eagle's nest.
Raygen's favorite thing was the steam table.  She could have stood there all day long.

She also enjoyed picking apples.
Then we would dump them on the floor to start all over again.

It was so exciting to take Raygen to the Museum.  I never thought in a million years I would take her there.  Not because she wouldn't like it, but because of all the people and germs.  It will still be awhile before we go there during business hours, but it was an amazing experience to take her there after hours.

She loved it and I loved watching her be a normal 4 year old.