Monday, February 2, 2015

February is HEART Month!!

~Raygen's 1st Birthday Party~

Here's a picture flashback.  So many heart babies don't make it till their first birthday.  We went big for Raygen's.  By the time we celebrated her birthday Raygen had went through two major open heart surgeries, a tracheotomy, a decanulation, methadone wean, and so much more.  It's amazing that someone so small went through all that before they even saw their first birthday cake.  Raygen didn't eat any or even taste the frosting, but I'm hoping that maybe her 4th birthday she will at least want to touch her cake.  


* Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs) are problems present at birth that affect the structure and function of the heart.

*CHDs are the most common birth defect occurring in ~1 our of 110 babies.

*CHDs are the most common cause of infant deaths due to birth defects.

*While there are some external and familial factors that can contribute to an increased risk of a heart defect, most occur due to unknown causes.

I love Heart Month!  I love spreading awareness and working toward finding a cure and better treatment options for our amazing heart kids.  This month my goal will be to share Raygen's Journey so far and CHD facts along the way.  The more awareness we can spread the more lives we can save.  
Please remember you can still join our Roar N' Run event or make a donation to Raygen's Team:

There are also still raffle tickets available for Raygen's Valentine's Baskets.  You can email me or purchase them at Brenda's Country Market or Silver Creek Buck Stop.

If you have any good ideas to raise awareness please let me know :)