Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wind Storm

So we made it through the windstorm with only loosing 3 trees.  One of the huge fir trees that line our driveway was our biggest loss :(.  It took out an apple and cherry tree with it.  It was a crazy night.  We lost power twice, but not for too long.  Once the power went out we just went to bed anyway.
On the sick end of things Zoie seems to be turning a corner today.  She has eaten a little and seems to be feeling a lot better.  Raygen has been good beside having to feed her very slow so she doesn't get sick there has been no issues.  
Thank you God for protecting us through the wind storm and Zoie's nasty cold.  Now this weekend will be cleaning and disinfecting the house and outside.  Sounds like fun, huh!