Friday, October 17, 2014

GI Update

Wednesday we headed to the GI doc in Tacoma and Raygen did pretty awesome!  She is down to 27lbs from her 31lbs prior to surgery so she needs to start gaining.  I really think the acid re-flux medicine is helping her tummy trouble and overall the doctor said she looked good.  Raygen's g-tube looked perfect so we didn't need to change it, which made me very happy because I was so nervous all day thinking I was going to have to switch it out.  I know I can.  If I can change out her trach a g-tube is nothing, but still it's scary anytime you see a hole in your child, be in her airway or stomach.  We will make some changes to her diet.  Probably increase her calories till we get some meat on her bones, but other than that no big changes :)   We have another check up in December and the doc said I better get ready for a tube change.  Good times :)