Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cardio Check Up

Today Raygen had her cardiologist appointment and it all went extremely well.  The morning started off a little rough when she got sick on our way to her appointment so I had to pull of along side the freeway to help her and clean her up.  Once we were back on the road and made it to the hospital she had herself so worked up she was dry heaving in the waiting room.  I'm not sure what people were thinking, but she was scared.  After the x-ray I was thinking there is no way this appointment is going to go well, but she surprised me.  We pretty much did her whole cardio appointment in the waiting room and she did awesome through it.  We skipped the weighing in and length check and just let her watch her Ipad till her echo.  She cried during her echo, but not too bad and she was easily calmed afterward.  Then she had her pulse ox taken and her finger poked to check her warfarin level.  Everything looked good.  Raygen's x-ray looked the same as last time so adding fat back into her diet caused no changes, thank goodness.  Raygen's heart function looked good and her tricuspid valve showed no leaking at all :)  Her warfarin level was within range so there are no changes.  We are keeping all her meds the same and don't have to go back till December.  I am so grateful that we received good news today especially after the rough start of the day. 
Now that I know her heart and lungs look good we can focus on her tummy issues and hopefully come up with why she continues to have so much trouble keeping her food down.  We head to Tacoma next week to see the GI doc. 
Thank you to everyone who prayed for Raygen today.  They worked she rocked this appointment.