Friday, September 19, 2014

Still Crabby....

Zoie with her new best friend, Doc.

So this week has had it ups and downs. We had great news with a clear X-ray and so excited we were able to stay home, but my girl is still adjusting. Sleep has been a struggle for her. She can not seem to settle or get comfortable so that is starting to take it's toll. Raygen still can not handle her full volume of food and pukes a couple times a day. She is still very needy and fussy and only wants mom. Randy and I think the high doses of diuretics may be causing some of her stomach issues. What really concerns me is this little cough she has developed because my biggest fear right now is Raygen getting a cold which could cause more fluid in her chest or worse a trip to children's. I think children's would be the worse place to go right now with all the respiratory cases they are receiving. The ups and downs of our chd life. I'm so thankful for how well Raygen is doing overall. The good still out weighs the bad, but there is always the fear of the bad.