Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Surgery Tomorrow at 7am

Please check Raygen's Facebook Page tomorrow for quick surgery updates at  I will post longer updates here when I can.
Playing in our tent.
Much needed nap.
Our pretty new dress.
Dancing at work.
Relaxing at work.
More dancing at work!
Playing with our new blocks.
Tomorrow is the day. We check in at 6:15 am and they will take her back by 7 am. Surgery should be around 4 to 5 hours and depending on how they handle either the removing or patching of Raygen's stent they may not have to stop her heart. If they do stop her heart Dr. Chen said it would be for about 15 minutes which is way shorter then her previous surgeries, but the thought of her heart being stopped any length of time frightens me beyond words. I will do my best to update as the day goes on because I know how many of you will be praying for my beautiful baby tomorrow. I want to thank you so much for loving and praying for Raygen. She is truly an amazing, loving little girl. Also if you could please say a prayer for Zoie I would be very grateful. Zoie worries so much about her sister and I know she is very stressed. Please pray for the surgeons, nurses etc. that will be caring for Raygen tomorrow.
Today we are packing, playing and praying. We have to have the car loaded tonight because to make it to the hospital in time we will have to leave around 3 am. I know so early, but I thought it was important to stay home, in Raygen's comfort spot, with Zoie as long as possible.
I have always knew this day would come just like her Norwood and Glenn. I know without the Fontan Raygen wouldn't reach adulthood not even close to it. It is a necessary evil, but one that my daughter has to go through. The surgery scares me, but the aftermath scares me more. I know how she will look and know the tears will be cried and she may be in pain and her poor face on a vent, all things I have seen before, but know matter how many times you see your child like this it never gets any easier.
I know Raygen is little, but she is FIERCE! She can do this. Thank you so much again for all you love and prayers we need them.

Till Tomorrow...