Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bladder Infection

So yesterday we finally figured out why Raygen has been so sick. Even though the ibuprofen gave Raygen some relief from what ever was bothering her it didn't last too long. Friday morning we felt like we were back at square one. Raygen had another fever and chills and just wasn't improving like we thought she should so we headed back to town. After waiting about an hour we finally got a pee sample and it was positive. Raygen has a bladder infection. I know this may sound weird, but I was so happy that it was positive. Now we know what is wrong and can get medicine to treat it. She is still feeling pretty yucky today, but I hope by tomorrow we should see some major improvement. Best part is when I call her surgeon I can tell him what was wrong and then he can make the decision if this infection will postpone her Fontan. I really can not wait till the medicine works and we can all get some very much needed sleep and I especially can't wait to see Raygen smiling and laughing again.