Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Raygen's new tube.

Here is Raygen's new tube.  The day was pretty scary for her, but by bed time she seemed to be doing pretty good.  She screamed during the first couple feedings, but now seems to be okay with them.  This tube is very different from her last one.  It will take me some time to get used to it.  
When they were trying to remove her old tube yesterday the tube broke while they were pulling it out and by that time Raygen was very worked up and strapped down to a table.  They thought she was turning purple so they had to get oxygen and then they had to place a pulse ox on her to monitor her O2.  She worked herself up more then she has in a very long time.  It always makes me so nervous when she gets too worked up.  After all this girl only has half a heart.  Once she got calmed down and the oxygen was running they went ahead and pulled the old tube out and quickly fit the new one in.  I was a basket case it is so hard to see your baby so upset, scared, and in pain and there is nothing you can do.  Once the new tube was placed I quickly unstrapped her from the table and grabbed her.  She fell asleep pretty quickly because she had cried herself to exhaustion.  We hung out at the hospital awhile while I held her and she napped.  We then headed home.  Once we got home she did start to act  more like herself as the night went on.  
My girl is absolutely amazing.  Raygen is so tough, wise beyond her years, and just is my everything.  I am forever amazed with how she bounces back from such traumatic events.  She truly is resilient.
Thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and support sent our way yesterday.  God listened!  
Monday we see Dr. Park and discuss Raygen's 3rd surgery and decide on a time frame.