Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pray for Aiden on Monday....

Raygen's future husband, Aiden, will be having his heart cath on Monday around 10am.  Please pray for this amazing boy and his awesome family.  Aiden's O2 has been dropping in the 50's when he is active so chances are they will be doing some work on his heart during the cath which means an overnight stay for sure.  Aiden is one month younger then Raygen, but they have walked this journey together.  They even shared room in the CICU and they have always seemed to be at Children's at the same time.  Raygen will be having her Cath in April.  We have noticed, with Raygen as well, that it must be getting close to the Fontan.  She seems to get winded so easily and she breaths extra hard when she plays for a long extended time.  It is so scary to see signs that its time, but we have known from day one that there is no way around the Fontan.  
Please pray for Aiden.  I will post an update when I hear from something.