Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tomorrow C.H.D. week comes to an end, but...

So tomorrow is not only Valentines Day, but it is the last day of C.H.D. week, but February is Heart Month. C.H.D. Week is not just a week for me. It is a lifetime. Every second, minute, hour I think of my daughter and her heart defect.  Even more so now that she is still fighting her nasty cold. How is her respiratory rate? What is her heart rate? What is her o2? Are her lungs clear? What is her food and water volume for the day? The questions are endless. Everyday is special to me with my daughter. There are so many families out there that I have grown to care about and there heart babies are no longer with us. I know that each day I have with her is special and I cherish them. My mother's and I goals for Raygen's adds in the paper was to bring awaraness to C.H.D. After all it is the #1 birth defect in the U.S. I didn't know that till I had Raygen. The Chronicle distributes to 12,000 people along with their free weekly shopper and if you count they also posted the adds on their facebook page we could have possiably reached 24,000 people. Just think if all those 24,000 people gave just $1.00 how much we could have raised for Mended Little Hearts of Puget Sound and all our CHD Warriors. Please don't feel like you can not donate another time of the year or another day because like I said heart week is not just a week for heart families. Its 365 days a year and every second of everyday. The care bags that Mended Little Hearts give to Heart Families in the hospital are a small comfort during a time when you feel like you can't go on. I know because I have been there and the scary thing is I'm close to going there again. Knowing Raygen's 3rd heart surgery will be this summer is not something I take lightly or forget about. It is with me every second. I try my best to put it in the back of mind because if I don't then I find it hard to enjoy anything and all I want right now, this minute is to enjoy every single second I have with my amazing daughter.
 I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who donated: Bucks Logging Inc., my parents, Brad and Lori Lyons, Bark Beaters and Brandon Hamrick, Kinsman Dairy and Roy and Pam Kinsman, Vickie and Earl Hagseth, Rob and Tanya Naillion and Roy and Brenda Elliott from Brenda's Country Market. You guys are so great we raised $810.00 that will be mailed out to MLH next week.
Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support and prayers. 
Please wear your RED one more day, TOMORROW, for Raygen and all her amazing, inspiring C.H.D friends.