Thursday, January 23, 2014

GI Doc Update

Today Randy and I took Raygen for her GI appointment.  I was so proud of her.  She didn't cry one time and even interacted with her doctor and let her listen to lungs with no fuss.  She just amazes me how social she is becoming.  I think she would go with anyone these days,lol!  She has come so far.  People used to terrify Raygen, but now she can't get enough.  
So Raygen needs to start gaining some weight so the plan is to increase her volume of food through her tube a little and we are going to increase her calories in her blended diet.  Getting Raygen to eat by mouth is such a struggle.  Some days she will eat a jar no problem and others she wants nothing to do with food.  This week Raygen has done awesome drinking from a sippy cup, but she has hardly ate any baby food.  I try not to get too frustrated because I know all she has been through and I know that eating is scary, but I just hope I'm doing everything I need to be doing so she will feel comfortable some day with eating.  We will go back again in 3 months.  
Next week we see Cardio and that appointment terrifies me.  

I just love this girl.
Raygen fell asleep on the floor the other night playing with duck tape, lol!  She is that kid that where she falls asleep we leave her till she wakes up, lol!  I hate to admit it, but I was that kid too :0)  So its in her blood.