Monday, December 2, 2013

Beaches and ear infections...

We decided to have a beach getaway this weekend and it was so much fun.  The weather was horrible so we decided to go bowling.  I forgot how much fun bowling was.  It is the one thing you can have a blast at even if your no good at all.  Raygen really enjoyed watching.  I think she would have loved to play with all the bowling balls, but she did great just being our cheer leader. 
After bowling we headed back to the room for some R&R.
Then Sunday morning we noticed a lot of discharge from Raygen's ear.  So lets just say we had a rough Sunday night and Monday morning.  We have been up since about 1:30-2am.  I took her to the doctor this morning and her left year is infected a little, but the right one looks fine.  I have drops that I have to put in her ears and then possible recheck on Wednesday if they don't look better. 
On our way to the doctor this morning.
We did have a great time at the beach.  It is heartbreaking that Raygen's ears got infected.  Raygen is happy playing now, but I am really hoping we both get some sleep tonight.  I hope by tomorrow my girl is all the way back to her normal self.