Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When Raygen falls asleep leave her be....

Raygen and I have something in common, well a lot in common but mostly the main thing to know is  that when I was little it didn't matter where or how I fell asleep you let me be and that applies to Raygen.  The last two days in a row this girl has just leaned forward and out she was, lol 
It does not look comfortable to me, but hey it works for her. 

I love these times.  My two girls hanging out together.  Just melts me every time.
Raygen couldn't take her eyes off of Elmo for a second to look at me, but at least she smiled. 

After a long day of therapy yesterday and Raygen had her feet molded for her very own braces she fell asleep playing last night.  We should have her braces on December 10th.  I am pretty excited that Raygen will have some that are custom made for her little feet.  I do think it will make a difference.  The walker is in the process, so hopefully we will get that soon.

You can see by her little mess she played hard before she fell asleep.  She loves playing with my planner so she was busy with that when she decided she needed a nap, lol!
She makes everyday fun!