Saturday, October 19, 2013

Raygen's Braces...

Raygen has been wearing braces for awhile now, but I haven't shared all of them with you so I thought I would.  Here are her feet braces.  She wears these every day and we take them off at night.  They really make a huge difference when she is trying to walk.  They keep her feet flat and help support her ankles. 
She is starting to out grow her feet braces so we may have to mold her feet and have some custom made for her soon. 
This is the little hand brace she wears during the day.  This helps keep her right hand open more so she isn't fisted all day.  She has gotten really good at taking this off lately, but even when it's on it doesn't seem to bother her.   

Her feet braces on. 
They fit well in these shoes.  When she stands up her pants hide them and no one would know she is even wearing them. 

This is her new hand brace that she wears only at night.  She sleeps with it on.  This goes on her right hand to keep it open and relaxed all night.  This really helps and I can tell since she started wearing it that she keeps her right hand more relaxed during the day.
The reason she wears hand braces on her right side is that she has several blood clots which has slowed down her mobility to use it.  She is weak on her right side.  Her weakness is also one reason we think she may have had a stroke sometime in her life.  We will know for sure when we have her MRI done someday.  The right side weakness is also why getting her a walker is hard because she doesn't have enough strength to pull or push one with her right side.  Slowing I think it will catch up, but she defiantly likes to do everything left handed. 
 It is a pretty good size brace.  So her hand disappears in it.  She knows once the brace goes on its bedtime so she always makes me hold her as soon as its on.  She seems to sleep pretty well in it.  The only issue is if the velcro gets stuck on her blankets and she can't roll over, lol!

My happy girl before bed last night.  I just love that smile.