Thursday, October 17, 2013

Night Terrors....

I loved that I kept so many of Zoie's toys.  Zoie had so many that she hardly played with them so they are all like brand new.  It's sad to admit that my children have enough toys for our office, home and grandma's.  I am going to try not to go too crazy at Christmas this year. 
I love this little video.  She loves music and she can't figure out how to get the toy to play and watch Elmo at the same time.
My tired girl this morning.  I think she has been having night terrors.  Tuesday she woke up at 2am screaming and it took her so long to calm down.  She cried so long and so hard it was hard for her to catch her breathe.  She scared us all.  I made sure to lay her down and checked her tube, diaper, arms, legs etc and I didn't see anything that could be causing her issues.  After awhile she calmed down enough to watch Elmo all night or all morning with mom.  She didn't take but a short 10 minute nap when it was time to leave to take Zoie to school so she had a very long day yesterday.  Raygen finally fell asleep on the way home from PT yesterday and slept till 7pm so we were up till midnight, but when I was able to wake her up from her nap she cried again like something was scary her.  She woke up fine this morning, but I hate to see that fear in her face.  I wish I could know what she dreamt or know for sure that was her problem.  So scary with heart babies, you never truly know if your missing something.  Hopefully we can get back on a somewhat decent schedule today.
How have other moms dealt with night terrors?  I was going to check into the oils tonight and see what they recommend.