Friday, September 6, 2013

Up all night...

Wednesday Raygen had a rough night.  She skipped her nap that day and had two physical therapy sessions so she was pretty tired.  We also went to Zoie's first soccer game that night so we had a weird day.  She went to bed fussy around 10pm and was up again and 1am and stayed up.  She cried and cried and the only thing that would calm her was bubbles so I had to stay up with her and blow bubbles.  I believe she had a tummy ache.  Since we were so busy I think she held her number 2 so this made her miserable that night, sorry if that is too much info, but trust me if you have a heart baby this is a huge deal for them. 
This is what happened at 7am... 
She couldn't take it anymore, lol!  She was laughing at Elmo one moment and the next she was out for the count.
I felt bad because she only got to sleep about an hour before I had to load her up in the car to take Zoie to school and we had to go to work.  Let's just say Raygen and I were both so tired Thursday. 
Thursday night went a little better.  She ended up taking a late nap so this girl was up till midnight.  Thankfully she is still sleeping so hopefully we will have a better day today and we can get back on a good sleep schedule.  We both need it. 
And I wanted to welcome Holton Mark to our family.  My cousin Bristen had Holton last Thursday.  This 6lb peanut is such a blessing and soooooo cute.  We are totally in love with this little man.