Monday, September 23, 2013

Raygen has bangs!

So I finally decided I was tired of Raygen's hair always being in her face and gave  her a haircut.
 I'd say I didn't do bad of a job for the first time.  She looks cute and like a little lady.
So here is a before picture napping with grandma at work. 
 Don't you think this girl needed a trim? lol
We received a thank you card from Make-A-Wish today and they said that $240,000 dollars was raised in support of granting over 320 life-affirming wishes for children and their families in our communities this year.  That is so awesome! 
Still no news from Dr. Park.  That is okay.  I get a little more time to pretend that everything is okay.  Raygen is going to have her wellness check and flu shot this week so my poor girl will get messed with, but I really want to make sure she is up to date on everything if were heading to the hospital soon.