Monday, September 2, 2013

Brushing teeth....any advice....

Raygen's new thing is to watch me brush my teeth.  She is fascinated by it.  I love watching her concentrate so hard on what I am doing and I love watching all the facial expressions she makes while watching me.  I struggle with brushing Raygen's teeth because of her oral aversion issues so it is funny that she loves to watch me brush my teeth, but wants no part in brushing her own.  Right now I am able to brush her teeth quickly with some baby toothpaste and a q-tip. 
Does anyone have any advice how you were able to brush your child's teeth with oral aversion issues?  I also purchased a baby tooth brush and have placed it with her toys hoping she will get used to it or put it in her mouth, but so far she doesn't want anything to do with it either.
I just don't want poor Raygen to have bad teeth on top of everything else.