Saturday, July 20, 2013

Raygen and her Yochi Yochi Socks

Yochi sent me these super cute socks to let Raygen try out.  They are so cute and she loved them.  The head of the panda is a rattle.  They also have the cutest shoes, that squeak!!  We will have to get Raygen a pair of those next.  At night she gets upset when we take her braces off now, but her poor little feet need a brake.

I thought a pair of cute, fun socks would help distract her and they worked.  She is excited to wear her socks and it helps with the little meltdown we have when we take the braces off. 
They are super soft.  Raygen has very small feet for being two so they fit great. 
She kept checking her feet.  I love that the head of the Panda sticks out a little so Raygen was grabbing it and looking so closely at her socks. 
"What is on my feet, Mom?" 
She started laughing when we got her up walking around.  She kept looking down to watch her feet. 

Then it was her favorite time of the night.  "Music Time."  The barn door plays so many songs Raygen would sit in front of it for hours and play and dance and listen.  She was kicking her feet to the tune of the music.
I think I may be investing in some musical instruments for this girl someday.  What do you think? 
You can see full line of products by heading over to their website.  There are so many cute designs to choose from for boy or girl.  I know they would be a great gift for a new baby.
Thank you for the great pair of socks and letting my girl enjoy them.  I will make sure I include a pair of these in our hospital bag.  I think they would be a great distraction for her. 
Hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend.  It is suppose to be in the high 80's here so our plan is to stay cool and hopefully work on some yard projects and house cleaning.  We head to the GI doc next week and meet with Raygen's dietitian.  I am hoping that she hasn't lost weight again.  If so we will have to have a very serious discussion on what to do next.  Weight loss always makes me nervous.  I always think of the doctors saying "failure to thrive."  That terrifies me.