Saturday, July 13, 2013

Feeding the Seals

Mom, Dad, and Raygen at the aquarium before feeding the seals. 
Zoie touching the sea life in the water. 
I don't think Raygen knows what to think... 
Zoie always loves feeding the seals. 
 After awhile Raygen didn't mind watching.

Had to take pictures in front of Lewis and Clark. 

We had a great vacation as you can tell.  The last day we had was feeding the seals and checking out Cannon Beach.  I was sad that our week went by too quickly, but we have lots of memories to hold onto and more vacations to look forward too.  I guess vacation is a good reminder of why we wake up and go to work everyday.
Tomorrow we head to the Tacoma's Rainier's game thanks to Jamie's Heart Foundation.  Were so excited to see all our heart friends.
I also have to schedule Raygen's next cardiologist appointment for August.  This appointment is somewhat nerve wracking.  We will be discussing if we need to start thinking about scheduling a cath and discussing the Fontan or if Raygen will need another lung perfusion scan. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!