Friday, May 3, 2013

Cardio Update!

So Wednesday we had a rough night.  Raygen woke up 2am Thursday morning and finally at 6am she hit a wall and was out.  Not a good way to start off a day to see the Cardio doc.  I'm not sure why she had a rough night.  Maybe her body is adjusting to the  new feeding schedule and Randy thinks maybe she was hungry?  Now is the hard part getting her to put two and two together that eating will take the hurt away. 
Waiting to see Dr Park.  I have been carrying magazines with me.  It seems to entertain Raygen to tear the pages out while were waiting.  

This is our girl on our way home. 

Took awhile to get her calm, but she was happy to be in the car with elmo on her way home. 
Here is Raygen's new diaper bag.  Isn't it great?  My friend Sarah is selling them.  You have to check out all the awesome things you can create.  I can't wait to buy more.  I also purchased a cute purse which I will have to post as well. 
Raygen's Cardio Update:
So overall the appointment was stressful.  From the moment we put on the ekg stickers till the moment we left I Raygen cried.  She did have a power nap in there but that ended quickly when we started the echo.  Overall, Raygen's heart looks good.  Good function and no valve regurgitation.  So that's great.  We are keeping her on once a day lasix (helps her pee) and 1/2 a aspirin.  She also had a lung x-ray and they look good too.  SO GREAT NEWS!!  Now we don't have to go back till August.  In August we will talk about when we need to do another lung scan or possibly a cath to start preparing for the big "f" word Fontan.  Typing that just makes my stomach hurt.  I am no where near being ready for Raygen's 3rd heart surgery. 
But I have a long time before I need to stress about what I can not change.  So here is to a fun filled summer with my girls.
Thank you for all your prayers.  Hope your all enjoying the sun!!