Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Raygen playing at work.  Gosh this girl is just too cute!

Grandma Lori bought Raygen a new toy.  She loves it.  She is still a little short to reach the ground, but she is so close.  I have a feeling once she figures the walker out she will be all over the place.

The girls got their pictures taken this weekend in their Halloween costumes and matching snoopy pj's.  Zoie wouldn't let me take her picture.  The picture taking experience with a 18 month old is hard, lol!  Raygen fell alseep on the way there and I had to wake her up for the pictures and that is never good.  She cried the whole time till we were done and then decided to be happy and smile, lol.  I don't care though.  I know we got a couple good pictures and I'm happy with that. 
Raygen thinking she may like this better then a bottle???

Cute pj's

We also got our pumpkins. (excuse my messy kitchen we are remolding our laundry room which is behind the girls) 
My two beautiful daughters. 
Zoie is getting so big.  This year she carved an entire pumpkin all by herself.  No help from mom or dad at all.  The best part was that she made it for her sister.  It has a heart and the word love on it.  Zoie is so sweet.  I just love this girl.  I just love both my girls.
I hope you all had a great weekend.  We have a busy week ahead of us.  We head to Seattle on Wednesday for ENT appointment which I am so nervous about.  I just don't want tubes or Raygen's tonsils out.  I will if its the best for Raygen, but the idea of putting her another procedure with an iv and sedation scares me.  Plus, now Raygen is so much more aware of everything that I'm sure the whole experience would be so traumatic for her.
Friday we head for a much needed mini vacation with our family.  I'm so excited to get away to the beach with my girls.  Even if we spend the whole time inside I'm just excited to get away.