Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Raygen playing at work. 
Nothing makes her happier then kicking her tv. 
Traveling at home... 

I had to post this picture.  My girl has some crazy hair, lol! 

We had a pretty busy weekend and Raygen had a first.  Friday night we went to Olympia and thought we would try for the first time as a family of four to go out for dinner.  Since cold and flu season is right around the corner we thought this would be our only chance.  We first had to stop at the mall for a little shopping and then Zoie picked going to Red Robin.  I love Red Robin, but Friday night at 6pm probably isn't the best time to take your kids, especially Raygen.  Raygen and I waited in the car till we got a table and then went in.  Raygen did great for awhile, but I think there were too many people and it was pretty loud.  So I was able to eat quick and then Raygen and I went back to the car while Randy and Zoie ate.  I think it would have went better if either we went to eat first or didn't stay too long at the mall.  Overall it was a good experience, but I don't think were ready for restaurants yet.
Then Sunday our nurse Sasha came by to visit.  It was good to see her and I think Raygen remembered her a little.  She wasn't shy around Sasha at all.  I don't think Sasha knows how important she is to us.  She truly is like family.  She was with us through some of the hardest times in our lives and without her I don't know what I would have done.  She truly was my life saver.  When Sasha came into our home I found someone I could trust to care for Raygen so I could have a little break.  I loved that Sasha would go in with Raygen for blood draws and all the things that I just couldn't watch.  I knew Sasha loved and cared for Raygen just like I did.  We truly do love you Sasha and although you may feel like you were just doing your job, you were doing sooooo much more.  Can't wait for Sasha's next visit.  Maybe I will remember to take pictures.
On to OT therapy tomorrow.