Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please Pray for Addi!

I couldn't post without sharing some cute pictures of Raygen, but her heart friend is needing lots and lots of prayers today.  Our heart friend Addison Scott (She has a caringbridge page and is currently at Denver's Childrens.) who had her fontan a few months ago is now in full congested heart failure.  She was admitted to Children's last night. 
The last update I got from her mom was: "Addison went into a arterial fluter around midnight due to heart failure just now getting her out of the aritmia.  Picc line will be placed at 11 they need to get her stable before she can go into cath lab.  Talk of putting in breathing tube if her function doesn't increase.  Met with transplant team, they didn't say much at this point.  We need to get her stable and get her in heart cath to see exactly.  She is swollen, full of fluid and in pain, please pray."
Addison is 3 years old.  Her mom has been a very big support to be since before Raygen was born.  This family has been through so much, just like any chd family.  They also have another daughter who now they are forced to be apart, for God only knows how long.  I can not imagine, nor do I want to, what they are going through because it all hits so close to home.  There is no promise this will not be us someday and the thought just about brings me to my knees.  Please say a prayer tonight for a family that could one.  The Scotts are so special to us and Addi is such a beautiful, sweet girl.  I will update again when I hear more from her mom.
Times like this it is so hard to be a heart mom.  I want to support the Scotts, but at the same time I want to distance myself because it could be us someday.  I will give my fear to God today and enjoy my daughters and hold them extra tight tonight because you truly never know what tomorrow will bring.