Sunday, September 30, 2012

Addison is in surgery..please pray....

Update from Angela:

September 30that 1:04AM

Posted 1 hour ago
Addison's donor heart was a match and she was taken back for transplant. Her surgeon assumes the surgery could last roughly 9 hours. Please pray for minimal rejection and pray they can control the bleeding. Thank you so much for the prayers and please pray for the donor family as I can't stop thinking about them. I can't thank them enough for giving Addison life. Addison was made so wonderfully perfect but her heart was created so incredibly wrong. This still boggles my mind of the reason but tonight Addison is getting a heart from a child we have never met but feel so much love for. A heart that God created for two people a child whom now I pray for every September 30th and Addison as she is getting her second chance at life. This feels so unreal as the shock is starting to become a constant numbness.
Please pray, pray for LIFE

Please keep praying for both families.  What a difficult, amazing night this has to be for some many families.  My heart is so happy for Addison and my heart just aches for the other family.