Friday, August 31, 2012

Bottle Time

Last night we decided we needed to try the bottle more with Raygen.  My husband had a good point stating that maybe if she could learn to suck on a bottle then swallowing would come next.  So we had our normal taste time and then took a break and had a bath.  After the bath we tried the bottle.  I think she did pretty good and I think we will add this to our routine.  I really thought we would skip the bottle stage, but maybe I'm thinking wrong and starting with a bottle is the way to go.  I guess only time will tell.  I love how she opens her mouth for it.  She chews on the bottle instead of suck, but its a start.  The bottle has melted popsicle and ice, lol!  I flavor her baby rice with the popsicle as well at taste time.  Hey, I found a flavor she likes, although its a popsicle, I'm gonna stick with it, lol!  I will do anything to help Raygen learn how to eat and get away from tube feedings.  She is getting so active and moving around like crazy and tube feedings are getting harder and harder to do.