Wednesday, May 2, 2012

G-Tube Update

So what a crazy few days we have had.  We have been to Puyallup to see Raygen's GI doc (who handles G-tubes) and she said "yeah, it looks sore, but okay."  I didn't like this answer.  So yesterday I emailed a few pictures to an IR doc at Seattle Childrens and he prescribed some antibiotic.  Raygen will need to take it every 6 hours for 10 day but if we don't see improvement by Friday then we are going to take her to Children's to get looked at.  So stressful.
She had a horrible night on Monday so yesterday we took her to her pediatrician just to make sure her ears were okay.  He did say they were pink and were probably causing her discomfort but more so because she is teething and not due to an infection.  My poor baby is getting so many teeth coming in two at a time and back to back and the hard ones too.  Her back teeth.  Her gums were all red and swore so I've been doing Tylenol around the clock. 
Last night she had a little better night.  I still have to get up every two hours to fill her feeding pump and now I have to add getting up to give her an antibiotic but whatever makes her feel better I will do it. 
I just want to ask everyone to send a prayer for a friend of mine today who got some really hard news Monday about her pregnancy.  Her first pregnancy that has been low risk has just now been moved up to "very high risk."  Talking with her last night made me realize that although I have rough days and get lost in the overwhelming emotions that I have being a chd mom (which I wouldn't change for anything) that other people could be going through something just as bad.  I know this may sound funny but I have been trying to be more patient with people especially driving because you never know where that person is going or whats going on in that car.  Yesterday as I'm taking Raygen to the doctor and having a total emotional breakdown I had some jerk ride my butt, flash his lights to have me move over only to get off at Wal-Mart?  Come on?  I just had to take a really deep breathe and realize he just really needed to get to Wal-Mart. 
I will post some pics soon.  We haven't seen many smiles here lately so when they start coming back I'll post some pics.  The hardest part is waiting.  I've already peaked at her tube today and it still looks red and sore with some discharge.  My stomach is in knots.  I just want my baby to feel better.