Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning

 So I have been so stressed with my house being so stuffed lately that I decided this weekend was spring cleaning.  Zoie was a huge help.  Here she is taking a little break.  She is the artist in our family.  The girl just loves to draw and color everything.
 Raygen with her toy/g-tube.  The girls loves to play with it.  Scares me all the time.
 Raygen with her feet in the grass, lol!  She isn't too impressed.
 She did like being outside.  It is such a beautiful day here today.  You can see my car is loaded for our second trip of the weekend to the goodwill.
 I love love this pic.  Zoie took it of us on the swings.
 Zoie swinging away.  I wish I would have waited till after Randy mowed the yard.  It looks a lot better now, lol!
First time Raygen has been on a swing set.  So exciting.  I can't wait for Summer.  I heard tomorrow is suppose to be nice and then back to rain.  I'm so tired of rain.  Please hurry sun.  I can't wait to take my girls to the park and zoo and just have fun.  We had a great weekend!  I just feel so much better when my house is clean and organized.  Next weekend we get a new roof, then siding and new windows.  It's a huge summer for the Due family.  I just can't wait.
Hope everyone enjoyed the sun while it was here!!!