Saturday, March 3, 2012

Synagis Shot

Napping at work.
Ready to go get my synagis shot :(

Can we skip it???

Relaxing at home!

I love my bouncer.

So yesterday we had our synagis shot. I hate those shots. It was a big shot for a little baby. She only has one more left to go and then we will done till next year. Other than that we had a pretty laid back Friday and another lazy weekend planned. Next weekend the girls will get their pictures taken to together. The first time since July and wow has Raygen changed. Raygen will also get her "1 year" old pictures taken, so exciting. I can't believe her birthday is only a few weeks away. I'm so excited. It also reminds me of where I was at this time last year. All the unknowns and fears. Would I get to know my baby? Will I bring her home? Will she know me? Will she be in pain? Can I hold her? and so many more. I remember all the fear that I had and all the tears I cried. Looking back now I was a mess but with the help of a supper strong support system and my faith in God we made it through. As Raygen's birthday approaches I am reminded how awesome our God is and I again thank him for all the blessings he has given me. I am so lucky to have my daughters. I love taking Zoie to school and looking back and seeing my two girls together in the back seat. My heart and soul feel complete. If you know Raygen's story the idea of my two girls being able to ride in the car together seemed like it would never happen but it did and I am so ever grateful. Raygen is doing so good lately. She is more active and playful and she is chatting up a storm. She is almost rolling over and were still working on sitting up. She still hasn't found any food that she likes but that's okay we will keep trying. I can't help but feel completely at peace today. Home with my family.