Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Round Up

We tried out Raygen's new toy at the office yesterday and it was NOT a hit, lol!!
This bell seems to be her new best friend. It's always in her mouth.

I love these Elmo pj's my mom got her. Elmo anything I think fits her so well, she is a huge fan, lol!! I love how the g-tube come out of Elmo's mouth. As you can see I have to cut holes in all of Raygen's clothes. It's easier that way and I think it prevents the tube from being pulled or bended too much if it just come straight out. So I guess we won't be passing down any of her baby clothes, lol!

I tried to get a better video of her laughing but of course the minute I started recording she stopped laughing, lol!! I'm still trying to get another one with laughing and baby noises. She is watching Sesame Street before bed in this video and she has discovered she likes Grover. But lets be real, she likes them all, lol!!