Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the floor for now

We got moved to the floor today. Raygen has no trake so far and seems to be doing pretty good. She has such a loud cry. She is still in alot of pain and were not sure why. Right now she is either screaming or crying and she hasn't been able to find that deep sleep she so desperately needs. So my back is sore all we do is hold her for a few minutes, set down for a few minutes, and repeat. My heart just aches for her. I know something hurts I just can't figure out what and that's so frustrating. I hate seeing her sooo uncomfortable. The plan is to watch Raygen over the weekend and see how she tolerates breathing on her own and see how her o2 stats are. Monday they will decide if the plan is to continue with the Glenn on Wednesday or put if off another 2 weeks to give her stoma sight time to heal. Yes I said the Glenn may be rescheduled again! But before I go crazy over that I just want to focus on healing my hurting baby now. Please pray for her she is so uncomfortable and its heartbreaking to watch. I will post pictures or a video when I can. Gotta go hold the baby. Thank you all for your support and prayers we would not be here without you.