Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waiting and 1st day of school

No news yet on any appointments. I made a few phone calls so hopefully today we will get some dates. Dates for the valve trial and Cath and G tube date. I hate waiting. So much depends on the results of the Cath and its so hard waiting. I have mixed feelings. I'm so scared for the Cath because so much depends on the results and I'm so ready for the Cath so I know what direction we are heading. I just pray so hard that the results are good. That Raygen qualifies for the Glenn and that we have a couple months before surgery so we can work on getting the trach out. I know when it comes down to it we just have to depend on the doctors to make the final decision on our plan but the not knowing keeps me up at night. I made a promise to myself when I had Raygen that I would not live everyday fearing loosing her and it's hard to keep that promise especially when so much is coming up. Raygen is so special and such a good baby I am truly blessed and thats what I need to focus on and realize that it's all in God's hands and trust in him. I also had to post a picture of Zoie on the first day of Second grade. She has a wonderful teacher, Mrs Disney. Thank you Mrs Disney for making Zoie's first day "Awesome!" as Zoie put it.