Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday Zoie!

There is something special about the siblings of special needs children. They are the kindest, most understanding, patient, children you will ever meet. They have witnessed miracles and have seen pain. They have given up time with their parents and nights in their own bed for their brother or sister. That is exactly what my daughter Zoie has done for Raygen and so much more. Tomorrow though, November 6th, is Zoie's Birthday. We will spend the day spoiling and enjoying our beautiful 12 year old. I can not believe she is 12 already! Time is just flying by and she is growing into a wonderful young lady. Zoie is very determined. She is becoming a wonderful barrel racer and is very knowledgeable about horses. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food has to be pizza. I remember the day Zoie was born. It was such an amazing day. Her birth was perfect. I was surrounded by family and she was born healthy and pink. Zoie didn't have a name for 24hours :) Randy and I couldn't really agree. It was between Zoie, Raylyn, or Raygen. We really liked the name Raygen, but my Grandma Judy took one look at her and said "I think she looks like a Zoie." So there it was. So I guess technically my Grandma named her. I can't imagine my life without this girl. She is growing up so fast and I wish I could just hit pause. Live right here for a little while with my two wonderful little girls and just take it all in. Zoie and I always say good night the same way every night weather were together or apart. I say "I love you Zo." she returns "I love you more." and I always end with "That's not possible." I love you Zoie. I hope you have an amazing birthday and I hope you always know how much you mean to me and how proud I am to be your Mom.

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