Sunday, October 4, 2015

Busy Days

So we've been pretty busy lately.  The days are just flying by.  We started the week with a grocery trip to Walmart.  The only way I can shop in peace with Raygen is to buy her a shirt.  For some reason a shirt on a hanger is the best entertainment for her.  It's pretty cheap too. 
She is an awesome shopping partner.  Just look at that smile how can you resist?
We cheered on Zoie Wednesday night at Rocky Top.  Zo and Tucker had an awesome ride ;)
We decided that 3am was a good time to start our day.  Especially if you could fall asleep again at 9:30am.
Made lots and lots of messes.
And made more pretty pictures.  I think I may have a little artist on my hands.
Can't wait to see what this week brings.

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