Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Horses and Pools

The weather has been absolutely beautiful around here.  To be honest I'm not used to all this sunshine.
Raygen has been going to Grandma's to play in the pool everyday this week.  I'm very lucky to have a mom that doesn't mind swimming with her everyday.  Thank you Mom!
She is so much fun this summer.
She is so cute in the pool.  Just relaxing in her intertube and splashing around.  I think she is going to have a hard time when winter comes.  She even loves the hot tub.
I spent the weekend with Zoie at a horse riding clinic.  She is such a sweet girl and watching her excel in something she loves makes my mommy heart very happy.
Again I have to send a huge THANK YOU to my amazing Mom who took care of Raygen all day so I could take Zoie to her clinic and Randy could work.  

Seeing her smile makes it all worth it.



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