Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fun Weekend!

We had our first all girl sleep over at Grandma Lori's house this weekend and it was a lot of fun.  We stayed up late having a bowling tournament on the Wii and of course had to play a couple games of baseball.  Raygen loved watching us play.
She and I slept on the floor together and for the most part she did really well. She wiggled a lot, but the girl didn't wake up till 10am.  She enjoyed having some girl time I think.  I loved spending time with both my girls and mom.  There memories we will never forget.
Saturday we decided to go flower shopping with Grandma.  Raygen loves flowers so she was perfectly happy to go.  You just have to stop here and there and let her touch them and she is just fine.
On the way home from town she decided she would chew on her pant leg since she didn't have a shirt sleeve.  She soaked it to her knee's, lol.  I have no idea why she loves chewing on her clothes so much.
Sunday we had a great play date with our best friends Christina and Gabby.  Too bad I didn't take any pictures :( I have to get better at that.
Hope everyone had a good weekend also.

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