Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter and the Dentist

Dad helping Raygen hunt for eggs.
Zoie had a blast.  
I think Raygen just enjoyed being outside.  She wasn't much into the hunt as just checking out her surroundings.
When she did stumble upon some eggs she like to sit and shake them.  After she found one or two she was content.
She enjoyed herself.
I'd do anything for that smile.
She will hate me when she is older for posting pictures like this, but I couldn't help myself I love all her facial expressions.

Raygen and I ventured for the first time to the dentist on Monday.  I decided to take her to Seattle Children's because if she ever needed anything done, even for her teeth, it would be done there.  It was just the two of, but I think we did pretty good.  Raygen didn't enjoy having her mouth looked in, but it was quick and painless.  The dentist said she had all her baby teeth and they looked pretty good.  No signs of decay or cavities at all :)  She does have a little calcium in her mouth around her gums, but not too bad and I will try my best to brush more.  It's hard to brush someone's teeth when they have oral aversion, especially when they don't communicate on top of it.  I think the dentist was a good experience.  We will go back in six months.

Now tomorrow we head to Tacoma to see GI and a button change!  Good times, lol!!



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