Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's 90!

Okay so weather in the Northwest is very unpredictable.  We never have "really" nice weather so when on that rare occasion we have a day in the 90's we are kinda excited.  We found this great mermaid tail for Zoie on Etsy and she received it yesterday.  She was so excited.
She had such a great time swimming in the pool with it.  How I love to see that girl smile.
On the other hand, Raygen got a chance to splash around a little in the pool and then decided to take a late nap and snuggle with dad.
I love to snuggle with this girl.  Her and Dad made sure to sit next to the ac, but she still worked up a little sweat sleeping.  That's one thing about heart babies, they sweat, or at least mine does.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine.

Surgery is 10 days away and pre-op is Thursday :(  Coming up way too fast.



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