Friday, June 27, 2014


I think it is hard to remember that everyone can get sick not just your heart baby.  Wednesday night my dad had a stroke so I spent all day yesterday at the hospital with him.  Thank God it was a minor one, but he hasn't been feeling well for a long time.  He has went to Urgent Care time and time again, seen his regular doctor, and even went to the ER and they all misdiagnosed him :(  His left side is weak, but he is starting to improve.  Along with his minor stroke he has shingles and was having a very bad asthma attack.  I think he has been battling asthma now for awhile since he has had this constant cough and it has been hard for him to breathe.  I just kept thinking yesterday that I can't handle loosing my Dad especially with Raygen having major open heart surgery in August.  I know that may sound selfish, but my dad is our rock.  He is just an amazing man and I love him so much.  I think we are pretty close.  We usually talk about 5 times a day and we don't go more then a day without seeing each other and the same with my mom.  The world goes on even if I get caught up in my own and other people get sick.  I am not the only one with stress in my life and sometimes it is important to be reminded of that and also be reminded to enjoy the here and now.  My dad is probably going into rehab in a few days to help regain strength in his left side and then home.  I can not wait till he is home.
For a Raygen update:  We took her to the doctor again this week to have her ears rechecked because she had some drainage and the doctor said that they looked okay.  There is still fluid in there but there was no sign of infection.  I guess its a good thing she is getting tubes on July 14th.  I also received confirmation for her Fontan on August 21st.  It's coming up so fast.

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