Friday, June 6, 2014

Potato Licking Good

Raygen went to the fridge last night and started to go through the drawers.... 
and brought back a potato, lol! 
Nope, it wasn't cooked.  I know somewhere deep down this girl wants to eat. 
And she will love carbs like her Mama!

Update on Aiden:
Aiden's BP dropped very low, his heart rate was erratic, and his temp spiked to over 103, so he was put on a cooling blanket, and given FFP (fresh frozen plasma) injected into his veins to get his body to cool down. It helped. His temp drop...ped to normal, his BP went up, and he stablized. Now we watch through the night to see if he stays stable. The nurses and doctors worked like a well choreographed team to combat problems as soon as they presented.

Please continue to pray for Aiden and his family.  Raygen will go through the same surgery as Aiden sometime in the near future.

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