Thursday, May 29, 2014

Raygen's Tube

My silly girl playing with her new discovered toy.  A Box :) 
Raygen's tube went from having one hole that you could barely see, to now having two that you can see :(  We can no longer put off replacing her tube.  Tuesday morning we will head to Children's to have her tube replaced.  The downfall of having it done now is that she will not be sedated.  They will numb the first couple layers of skin, then hold her down, pull this tube out and then replace it with a new one.  I know the new one will be flush to her skin so she will no longer have a tube hanging out of all her clothes, but it's going to be painful.  More so she will be so scared.  My stomach hurts just thinking about it. 
They say the total process will only be a few minutes, but it will be a traumatic few minutes for my girl.  Please say a prayer for her on Tuesday.  She will need them.

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