Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cath update

Raygen checking out the fish before we headed back to the surgery center.
She was really enjoying watching the fish.  She was in such a good mood even though she hadn't had anything to eat since 5am or drink since 9am.  Her little tummy had to be empty.
Once they took us back to the surgery center they gave Raygen some medicine to relax her and it worked wonders.  Randy carried her back to the OR room and stayed there till she was asleep and she didn't cry one time.  She had her cath with no issues and headed back to the MRI.
She is such an amazing girl.  I was able to go back and rock her till we were able to move into a room where dad and papa and grams could come back.  We had to hang out till 7pm to make sure she was okay and that her cath sites where not bleeding.  The hardest part was keeping her leg still.  Thank goodness we had the Ipad it helped pass the time while singing and watching mom dance.  My parents were also a lot help with keeping her calm.
She even drank some water at the hospital which was really surprising to me, but it had to feel good on her throat after have a tube down it.  I am so glad that they gave her different meds this time around so she didn't wake up in a huge panic like she did after her ear tubes.  She woke up confused, but didn't cry one time.  Just wiggled because she was uncomfortable.  She didn't even cry when they took the iv out.
I am so proud of this girl.  She is my hero.  She is amazing.

The results:  Dr Jones said Raygen was good to go for the FONTAN!!  This is great news.  He said they would need to discuss her case with the team at the weekly conference call on the "when" part, but he said he saw no reason to rush into it.  Her O2 was 87.  That is awesome for her and he said her heart looked great.  We will meet with Dr. Park within the next week or so after he has spoken with Dr. Jones and then we will know more about planning on the 3rd surgery.  We have already let Dr. Park know that we would trust his judgement on when we should do the surgery.
Today Raygen is doing great.  She is on full feeds and seems to be her normal self.  We are hanging out at home and trying to relax.  Raygen needs to take things a little easy or so for about five days so her cath site in her groin can heal.  I can take her pressure bandage off later today and on Friday this girl can have a bath.
Tomorrow we head to Seattle Children's again, but this time we will hopefully get her MRI results and some of the results of all her blood work.
Thank you all so very much for all your love and prayers sent our way yesterday.  They worked.  It couldn't have went any better.  We love you all.



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