Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cheering on Big Sis..

 Last week Zoie did mini-cheer camp and performed during the boys basketball game on Wednesday night.  We decided we would all go and support her.  Randy and I stood on the side lines and watched and made sure we didn't get around a group of people just in case anyone was sick.  Raygen looked supper cute in her hat and I really think she enjoyed watching all the excitement.

My pictures are a little dark for some reason, but Zoie did a cheer and a dance routine and she did awesome!!  I see a cheer leader in our family in the future. 

Were so proud of you Zoie!!!! 

On a Raygen note I changed her diet up this week with help from our dietitian because Raygen has become so much more active then she was 3 months ago that she has started to loose weight.  I have been really nervous about taking Raygen of her formula recipe because I just want to make sure she is getting everything she needs from a nutrition perspective.  Since she really isn't eating too much by mouth all of her nutrition comes from her tube feeding.  It scares me to change things when they are working so well and Raygen is doing so good, but I think it was time.  Raygen is now on a mixture of beneprotein with peptum jr and pedialite.  Making her formula now is so easy and takes me seconds instead of about 10mintues as it used too.  The mixture also can hang longer in the bag so I don't have to get up anymore in the middle of night to refill it.  I could possibly sleep a whole night without having to get up, if Raygen lets me one night, lol!  We will check her weight in a week or two to make sure she is gaining a little or at least maintaining.  Wish us luck.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  We have a busy week ahead of us.  Two big appointments, ENT and the Blood doc one in Bellevue and one in Seattle so we will be on the road alot.  I'll keep you posted.

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