Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank You

I just want to say thanks tonight. First to my wonderful friend Sarah who helped me create this blog. Sarah thank you for being a wonderful friend and always being there for me through all the difficult times and coming to the hospital when I needed people the most. To my parents Brad and Lori and Randy's parents Ray and Dorothy and to all of our family and friends and everyone who has prayed for us and for Raygen. It is because of all of you that I am able to rock my baby to sleep and Zoie gets to cuddle with her sister. God has blessed us he has truly worked a miracle on Raygen and I pray he continues to do so. We have such a long road ahead and without all of you it would be so much more difficult. There are so many people that I need to thank that have helped us so much with Zoie, life things, and so much more. So I am sending a big "THANK YOU" and hope you know were sending it with lots of love. I know Raygen has touched so many lives and I know she will continue to do so. I always tell people if they don't believe in Jesus they have not met Raygen. Thank you to all of you who say a prayer for Raygen and may God bless you. May God continue to bless Raygen on her journey. I know he has big ideas for her. Randy and I are truly blessed to be her parents.


  1. Hi Erin! Raygen looks great! So glad to see she is home and you are all adjusting. You're in my prayers as you head toward the Glenn. -Carrie Flynn

  2. Raygen is truly one of gods miracles!
    I am sending lots of prayers to your family! Raygen is such a cutie !


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